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 Theadora Nasica, Turian / 30 / Atma






Played by:Atma

Initiative Case File


Full Name:Theadora Kari Nasica


Birthday:7 March

Height:Six foot ten inches



Sexuality:pansexual homoromantic

Cybernetics:Permanent omnitool

Residence:The Avadora


No known family in Andromeda.


Something must have occurred during Theadora's time away from the Nexus, though she will not reveal it and either avoids or outright declines to comment in the case that she is asked about it. Still, she acquires parts not necessary or even useful to the Avadora that she serves as engineer on, with no matching sale of them later.

Description and History

Theadora Kari Nasica stands awkwardly over most other species at her approximately 213cm, uncomfortable around anyone but seemingly especially members of her own species. The only time this discomfort abates is when she is up to her browplates in engineering work. Theadora wears the markings of a colony that is seemingly unknown or lost to history; perhaps it is even a pattern of her own creation. These markings are a pair of patterns shaped much like human chevrons; their peaks at the top of her noseplates and the bottoms on the sides going around her cheekplates where they indent for her eyes, much like human eye liner might. These paired chevrons are in a navy blue, her silver plates otherwise unadorned. Exposed skin has a dark shade of red, almost a black cherry, tone to it rather than the more normal browns that most -- but not all -- Turians seem to have. Her mandibles go back in the shape of a glaive, tip pointing up. Rarely outside of her work do her mandibles spread in a smile, instead staying tucked close in a defensive posture indicating discomfort and a feeling of lacking security.

Her early childhood is unremarkable from Hierarchy records, being born to parents of no particular note living on the colonial world of Oma Ker. As soon as she could test out of primary schooling, she attended Sarlik A&M in the Oma Ker capital, Sarlik. Entrance reports suggest she seemed to be seeking to get away from her family and this suggestion is backed up by pointing out that she chose to go to school in the only other of two major cities on her planet, despite the engineering program that was offered in her home city being more highly regarded. Her professors and other staff that worked with her indicated that her academic skills and particularly her engineering talent were exceptional but they felt her unlikely to make it far in the meritocracy due to her stand-offish nature and difficulty in working with other people that is as exceptional as it is rare among turians, though later reports note that she made headway and upon entering her mandatory service she began to put her talents with engineering and microfabrication to use. Her term of service was relatively quiet, being assigned to the quartermaster corps of the turian Corps of Engineers. It was there that she shined the most from her records, with a seemingly supernatural ability to acquire or produce any parts that may have been necessary for the troops she was attached to; up to the point that she was quietly fought over by commanders despite failing to fit the turian pattern and being more interested in returning to her home planet than the betterment of the society and race she is a part of. A notable moment during her service was when she somehow replicated the necessary parts to get a derelict salarian ship uncovered during reconnaissance on an undocumented planet in the outer rim thought to bear Prothean ruins working Her actions saved her team from exile on the inhospitable, levo-protein based planet after their own ship was lost to pirate activity nearby.

Upon release from her mandatory service, she chose the option to fulfill her continuing service in the Colonization Corps and was able to secure assignment back to her home planet. With the favors owed her and her talents, she was able to command a large plot for her homestead in the most remote area of the settlement efforts on Oma Ker. Her Hierarchy files report that all civil servants and commanders involved in this were perplexed, but could find no reason to deny the request given her successful if unorthodox record in the Hierarchy service as well as her talents. The area she requested specifically was long considered uncolonizable, with particularly aggressive megafauna and even some dangerous flora present. A team of her squadmates even tried to talk her out of it, the taciturn turian simply giving them a polite refusal when they tried to set her up with a large home and a senior engineering position in Sarlik.

A citizen and an adult now, Theadora threw herself into building her homestead. Due in no small part to her engineering prowess, her homestead was the most productive in her region once she got established. She found buried Prothean remains when preparing to clear a new field and as required by the Hierarchy, reported them. With the interest sparked by the events of 2183, the Hierarchy gave her a forced promotion in the Colonization Corps and appropriated her homestead under eminent domain, paying her handsomely for it. Her files report steadily dropping morale in this position, as well as a quarrelsome nature developing that had not been seen before in her. Not long afterwards, she filed a resignation letter and mustered out of the Hierarchy with a partial retirement payout. Combining those funds with the payout for her homestead and the proceeds of living carefully to secure a spot in the Andromeda Initiative, Theadora joined turian contingent on the Nexus when it left the Milky Way in the closing days of 2185. While her talents, experience, and assets assured her a spot; Theadora's early interviews and psychological profiles suggested a highly abnormal psychology for a turian as well as a notable refusal to discuss her family, the choice of facial markings, or anything beyond her all-consuming desire to take part in the greatest colonization effort ever attempted in recorded Galactic history.

Shortly after arrival and admist the chaos that accompanied the Nexus in its new galaxy, she left the station on good terms to strike out on her own. As she left with permission and before the Uprising, she was never categorized as an Exile nor charged with crimes. That said, no records of her time away from the station or any contact with her during it are available and she is unusually tight lipped about her activities during this period. Through the luck of being out of contact during that time, she thus managed to avoid witnessing the worst of the Nexus' misfortunes before the arrival of the human ark, Hyperion. Also for no reason that she will discuss, she returned to the Nexus and began seeking work. Her skills and confidence in them got her a berth on the Avadora, captained by Casmus Osoro.



Birthday:18 June




Preferred Narrative:3rd person

Preferred Wordcount:Moderate


Mature Threading:Possibly, for the right person

Other characters:Sidera Nyx







Played by:The Council

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Congratulations and welcome to Journey to the Stars!

We love what you have done with this character! Please enjoy your time with us, we're all here to have some fun. We can't wait to see how your character progresses on site! ♥

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