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 been waitin' 600 years for this, tag; sara ryder <3


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Played by:Mo!

Sara Ryder YAS Hyperion & Habitat 7
Being unthawed wasn't the most comfortable experience. That first deep breath of air though - that was something extraordinary. It was you first breath in Andromeda. Could it get any more epic than that? Waking up out of that refrigerator they called a cryo pod, Liam was ready and rearing to go. The man had more than a few questions. Taking it slow was never something he was good at. He wanted to see Alec Ryder. He wanted to get his first glimpse of their golden world.

The doctors assured him that he'd get to see Alec soon enough. Liam wasn't sure if he believed them... After a few more minutes of sitting and getting "checked" he was able to move to one of the beds in the med bay. It was more than a relief to get his ass out of that cryo chamber. The thought of other bodies, sleeping away around him was a bit freaky. Once he sat down on one of the beds, a doctor began checking his vitals... again. Liam was already asking questions, even if the doctor couldn't answer them. "How long have you been awake? Where are we exactly? Who else is getting woken up?" Few of his questions were actually answered, and so he resorted to taking in his surroundings. What was out of the ordinary? Who did he see and how much could he find out in this white, sanitary environment?

Then, much to his surprise, a rather pretty brunette who he recognized as a Ryder was moved to the bed across the way from his. He would know her anywhere! Alec, her father, had found him at post-hostility relief action when he was still a part of HUS-T1. It was then that he learned about the Initiative. It was a meeting that truly changed his life. Alec spoke of his children quite often in fact, even said they would follow him to Andromeda. The man was smart, and always had some kind of plan. He chose the members of his Pathfinding team with care and made sure they knew of each other. And let's be honest. Once you saw a face like hers, you never forgot it.

A wide smile lifted the edges of his as he made eye contact with Ryder, and raised a hand to wave in the most awkward of fashion. Even if they were 600 years away from Earth, pleasantries didn't need to be forgotten. Right?! Then, an awful scraping sound rang throughout the med bay. What the hell? The smile turned quickly into a frown, his mind going into overload. But before Liam could move or do a damn thing, the ship began to rock in a fashion most unpleasant. Within seconds, he felt himself lifting off the bed and into the air. Well hell zero g. Worried mumbling could be heard as Liam took the opportunity to spin around... just a few times. He had glanced over to see Sara floating safely and figured - why not? The scraping sound had stopped and the environment was sure to right itself in a moment's time. They were in space, after all. Shit like this happened. Might as well make the best out of the few seconds of weightlessness- and give the man a break. He had just woken up from the world's longest nap!

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