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 History of the Quarian Ark






Played by:The Council

Ark Keelah Si'yah
Back in the Milky Way, the geth had deconstructed three mass relays to build and design an array within the Perseus Veil which was able to be used as a telescope to observe darkspace beyond the galactic rim. Even before the threat of the Reapers (also known as the Old Machines by geth) they had been studying dark space for their own space exploration ventures. Once the new threat appeared though, they put their resources into trying to discover the source of these Reapers before they could attack. With the threat of being wiped out, it meant more urgency which their resources at this time simply could not provide.

As it turns out, it was the geth who are the benefactors for the entire initiative programme. The knowledge of the Reapers had been enough of a risk for the main consensus to orchestrate a contingency plan. They calculated the risks of travelling to an entirely new galaxy would require overcoming new feats and obstacles. Their discovery of the Heleus Cluster showed an area in the galaxy abundant in enough resources for them to continue their existence from there if it were the case of the Milky Way’s downfall. It was within their best interests to crowdsource more resources by involving organics of the Milky Way. Doing so may give them a higher survivability rate in both galaxies.

Relocating their mass array to the fringes of their Perseus Veil they were able to hand it over to quarian explorers with little suspicion of their intentions. It had always been the plan to give up such a powerful piece of technology, though it was unfortunate that the Creators had been the first to uncover their work. From there the Initiative Programme began to take shape, Humans were the first to make headway into a contingency plan of their own involving the creation of Arks and bringing the other organic species into it. They worked together with little involvement from the Geth outside of funding.

By 2185, the first wave was deployed to the Andromeda Galaxy. It had been made up of the Nexus, Ark Hyperion, Ark Leusinia, Ark Natanus, and Ark Paarchero. A second wave comprised of Ark Keelah Si'yah was expected to launch not long after. It had been delayed due to the needed work to make it a sustainable biological environment for multiple species on board once they were in Andromeda. They left in 2186, fleeing the Milky Way with the grave news that Reaper forces have hit Earth and Palaven. They have no news for how it would have ended, from their perspective though it was bleak.

The geth had been keeping tabs on the entire project to ensure maximum efficiency, stepping in whilst undercover only when necessary. Jien and her lead crew were the only ones to have contact with the benefactor, but not know of their true identities. The geth discovered a major fault with some of the hasty repairs on Ark Keelah Si'yah which meant no organic life would be sustainable outside of cryo within the next 600 years. No doubt an oversight with the rush to leave the galaxy before the Reapers. The geth had their own carrier ship to send their forces around the same time as the quarian Ark, but this new information would risk losing an Ark before the initiative project had even began. A small team had been sent to board the ark, their mission to oversee maintenance during the next six hundred years, then rendezvous with their main colony ship once in Andromeda.

Ark Keelah Si'yah enters Andromeda in late 2819, almost a year after the Hyperions arrival. The first wave of quarian colonists are awakened to begin preparations for transport to their designated golden world. Geth were to remain hidden until there was a viable time to leave the Ark unnoticed. Unfortunately the scourge had changed that plan entirely. With threat of extinction, Geth attempted to make their way to main control rooms to assist with the Ark safely outmaneuvering the dark energy matter. There was only one problem.

Quarians had gotten to the bridge first and a clash between the species from an old feud commenced. Between distractions of the geth, and attempting to save the Ark, too much damage had been done to the ship for it to be capable of moving out of the pocket of scourge it had found itself wedged into. Any further attempts would risk destroying the rest of the Ark entirely. Ark Keelah Si'yah was stranded and no feasible way of immediately sending out emergency communications. Most of the ship had been damaged beyond repair.

For the next six months some colonists made it out of cryo and survived on minimal rations - all while participating in (or attempting to avoid) the conflict between geth and the quarians. The Ark ran at its lowest power settings to only keep enough power for life support. Many sectors of the Ark had been shut down and oxygen cut to help conserve energy. Thousands of their colonists in stasis were killed for this. All in an attempt to try and survive. Some geth managed to avoid conflict by staying in the areas which had been powered off, since they had no need for oxygen. They found ways to feed themselves from the arks power.

By mid 2820, the Ark was discovered by a pilot ship which had been mapping new routes through the scourge. Soon after a distress beacon was heard, it had been the quarians warning them against finding them. They had been compromised. Against their warnings though, the Nexus had sent teams to investigate. The distress beacon could just as easily be interpreted by exiles too. Jien and the leaders which had known of the benefactor had died very early on during the Nexus’ arrival to Andromeda. The geth now need to figure out what were the circumstances and if there is more to it than they know. It’s possible another group are working against the initiative.

From this point forward in the plot, new species of aliens are available to play in Journey to the Stars. New missions will also be made available and plots regarding the future and survival those still in cryo on the Ark Keelah Si'yah will depend on you.

Too long; didn't read
Quarian Ark wasn't discovered until roughly 18 months after the Hyperion joined the Nexus. The ark itself is trapped in the scourge and beyond repairing, rescue efforts are underway.

Check out site missions #41 to #46 for quarian ark related goodness!

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