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 Curiosity killed the spaceman, Majora | Mission #3






Played by:Majora

Light hearted banter was always fun right in the middle of battle, for some reason it always made him feel invincible or like everything was normal even though he was in the middle of a firefight. He didn’t know what it was, or when it had started but he always had to carry on a normal conversation while aiming his gun at something and just acting like it was a normal every day thing for him to be firing sticky grenades at someone. Well those someone being a bunch of Kett bent on killing him and his new-found compatriot Damian, which wasn’t going to sit well if he wanted to invite the guy onto his ship. Which of course he hadn’t even really decided on yet, he had to think about it because technically he’d never asked anyone to be on his ship cause he liked working alone. But from what he’d seen so far Damian was the right sort of crazy that he needed on the Ebony Falcon, he didn’t seem to mind they were in space in a damaged ship fighting Kett. And now that he was at the bridge with the other male, his gun still pointed down the hall as he fired a few more rounds, he couldn’t help grinning some.

Glancing at Damian he tilted his head to the side as the male commented about them possibly doing that, but he had a better idea. Walnut colored eyes glanced down at the males arm as a familiar looking energy started spark around it, the wicked smile lit up by the energy sending chills down Dick’s spine, the good kind, a very good kind. It was hard not to chuckle as the male commented on it being alright on the bridge but he was going to take a slice of the action, if Dick was alright with it. To which Dick simply gestured for him to go ahead, eyes switching from the males devious face to the pitch black energy that quickly formed a shield on his arm, the energy almost like a void, ”By all means…I think they deserve a taste from someone who’s waited patiently for their turn…go on I’ll man the fort here.” Dick watched in amusement and fascination as the other male jumped out into the foray, not caring at first if he was hit or not then his biotic shield started sending rounds back towards the Kett, while most missed a few made direct contact much to Dick’s chagrin, he was quite enjoying himself and the show Damian was putting on.

More Kett were mowed down by their own weapons ricocheting back at them, and soon Damian was back behind the wall with him, and Dick was just grinning at him, ”Oh I don’t mind at all, just curious as to what else you can do with those biotics…” As if to answer him he glanced down the hall as one of the Kett were lifted up and then slammed into the floor harshly, something snapping, the sound filtering down the hall making Dick wince but he was impressed. ”Not exactly what I had in mind but you know what, I’ll take it…love the color too…definitely haven’t seen that color before…wonder it what it looks like against…” He didn’t finish his train of thought, mostly because it involved wondering aloud what the color of the males dark energy looked like against his naked body. But as interesting as that might be to voice aloud, more shots rang down the hall and he had to return fire, several sticky grenades lighting up the corridor and blowing several Kett backwards or to pieces depending on where they were hit. He wasn’t actually aiming at this point, just knowing they had a choke point was proving to be far more beneficial than anything else that might help them out.

Unfortunately for them Dick knew that if they kept plugging the hallway with bodies that the Kett would eventually just blow the ship up. Getting a quick idea the male created a barrier of bright orange energy that blocked off more shots from coming through as he made his way to the main consoles of the bridge. ”I think we might be running out of time…not that I’m not enjoying spending time with you Damian, but I think if we keep frustrating them like this they might just open fire on the ship…so how about we do…something fun?” He grinned over at the male as he connected his omni-tool to the computer, the HUD appeared in his line of vision as he started typing with his fingers in mid-air typing out the commands to turn off the gravity and the life support, ”So…you might want to put your helmet back on…as much as I hate hiding that pretty face of yours we’re about to be out of air…and if I have my way this ship is gonna go into meltdown…which I say we use our time accordingly and get back to my ship by jetpacking our way there…how’s that sound to you gorgeous? Think you can make it over to my ship before this blows?”

Dick's Armor
Tag: Damian Whitton






Played by:Pat

Light hearted banter made what would have been an otherwise boring encounter far more amusing. These kett people didn’t even make killing them all that fun, and it left him empty with the act. People at the very least had the ability to show fear when someone tried to kill them. These people were all too ready to die for their pointless little cause they championed. Maybe he could show off a little of that power that so many people gave him fearful looks for. Mass effect fields having sparked up as he charged the many kett trying to assault the few that resided on this derelict vessel. Whatever they were hoping to find, well now that just didn’t matter to him. Corpses didn’t have much choice in what they got in the end.

Rounds ricocheted from his barrier, colliding with a few and shredding through bony plating. A few were lucky enough to have shields, instead stumbling back a step as they realized what they were dealing with. This short engine of destruction was rushing them with no fear of the potential death he could incur. After taking out a few he ended up finding cover, further enunciating the fact he was a biotic with an almost smug air about him. There weren’t many humans that could have hoped to match him in this department, something he took an almost twisted pride in. ”Oh, you’d be surprised with what I can do with my biotics.” Was what he said, though the unspoken promise spoke volumes about what he implied. For now they had to make it off of the ship alive before going any further than that.

Likely they needed a few minutes before his data drive downloaded the information anyway. So he could afford to have a little fun before getting what he came for anyway. Dick was mid saying something else as more shots rang out, the fight continuing even if it was obvious who was winning. If only he had something that could clear out these pests in one go, but even he wasn’t a skilled enough biotic to pull something like that off. Something the blue skinned race of biotics had more of a claim to than himself. That was when his little companion mentioned something about needing to put his helmet back on and the ship going into meltdown. ””Well that’s a shame. Really wanted to see what this ship had on it.

Rising from his crouching position, he let a shock wave rip down the hallway. ”Let me get my data drive and we can blow this place.” Shooting from where he was, he crossed the room to the main computer and looked over the small screen that projected he had downloaded everything there was to take. Unhooking the small unit from the computer, Damian attached it to his pocket and settled his helmet back onto his head. Once again that stuffy thing was back where it belonged, something to keep the void from claiming his life. ”Yeah, think I can make it over to that ship before things go tits up. Just hope you can do the same.” He quipped before a thought hit him,

”Where exactly is that?” As if suddenly the air supply and gravity all shot off at once, Damian barely having time to have his mag boots activate and plant him against the metal floor.
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