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 He might be your father but he ain't your daddy, ♥ [Mature]


Occupation:APEX, Nexus




Played by:Aurora

Heaven only knows where you've been
But I don't really need to know, I know where you're gonna go
Going about his day Apollo is more of an introspective kind of person, reserved in his affections unless prompted. He’s always comfortable to quietly observe a situation from the sideline and react once he needed to. Unlike his other love, Scott, who would be all up in the problems business before it had even became a problem. Their stark differences in personalities is what attracted Apollo to him. When it came to Andrea it was same thing. From their first heated meeting Apollo found himself drawn in to this fascinating creature. He wanted to know more about him, and now he would finally get to live out some of the fantasies he’d had about him.

His thumb continued to trace against the back of the other males neck, Apollo wanted to do more but held back. He had time. Andrea licked his lower lip seductively which drew Apollos lips to a part. “Oh this is only the start, after I’ve gotten some… relief, whatever you have in mind it’s yours.” Apollo promised him with a growing smirk. He brought his lower lip in to lightly bite against it in anticipation. Even them talking while in this mood was getting him all hot and bothered. It really wouldn’t take Andrea long to rile up Apollo any other day using that mouth of his. This was something he’d not gotten a lot of, usually being the one to be the more talkative one during an intimate moment. He quite liked their back and forth.

Flipped onto his back Andrea showed him little mercy, he took to the moment with fierce enthusiasm which only brought Apollo into a daze. Groaning to his lip being bitten he didn’t get much reprieve when he felt Andrea grind into him. His abdomen tensed up as electricity attacked his nerves. The friction in his trousers drew out another groan. Apollo was completely ready, the foreplay had been unnecessary but welcomed to an extent. It wasn’t til Andrea’s hands began playing with him through his trousers where he drew the line.

Andrea’s retort when Apollo tried to stress how desperate he was was met with a strained moan, his hips bucking up to press himself harder into Andrea’s hand. “Yeah… all of that. I need you so fucking bad right now.” He practically growled out the words, using the momentary strength to get himself back on top. Apollo worked his hips into Andrea again, watching the other male suffer the same way he did. His hand reached out for his thumb to trace along his lips. He knew where he wanted those and wasn’t going to wait for Andrea to offer it. Sliding away Andrea growled and he smirked. All in good time.

Standing up straight and unbuckling himself Apollo talked freely, filling the space with some reasonably dirty talk. He loved the way it made Andrea react to him, or really anyone for that matter. As reserved as he was in his day to day life that changed completely when it came to sex. He liked the control, the reactions, the passion. Apollo knew what he wanted and he was determined to at least make it his goal to get to that. Andreas thicker accent in reply was exactly what Apollo had needed to hear. Kicking his legs apart he’d situated himself closely and watched Andrea go through what looked like some hesitation. Chewing on his lower lip Apollo watched hungrily, he couldn’t focus on anything else. Soon that anticipation came crashing down into waves of relief when he watched Andrea’s lips wrap around his head. Teasing him but Apollo couldn’t care, he was getting exactly what he’d wanted. He rolled his head back to face the ceiling with a breathless curse. Head coming back down to watch the whole thing play out, Apollo used his free hand to brush back Andrea’s loose hair, bunching it up in his hand he held it back for him. Using no force he let Andrea taste and explore at his own pace. The silent room echoed their pants and Apollos low urging moans.

When the dark haired male pushed his hand away from the base Apollo obliged, letting him replace it with his own. His hand joined the other in Andrea’s hair. He brushed at it, nails dragging along the scalp, fingers tucking hair behind his ear and circling back up. The pace fastened, Andrea slowly taking more and more of him into his mouth. “You’re doing so good, handsome, so fucking good” Apollo panted, jerking slightly at the sensation of teeth. He wasn’t in control anymore and he rode the high. Andrea made it to his base and Apollo whimpered out his name. His hands tightened in the guys hair, tugging it to get him to groan, the vibrations making their way along his shaft he mewled.

It didn’t take much longer of this before he felt the peak. Ecstasy rolling up from the abdomen Apollo strained a moan while his body expelled into Andrea’s mouth. “God damnn” he struggled to breathe as Andrea lapped him up. When he pulled back Apollo sunk back down into his lap once again. Making no effort to readjust his clothing. His body feeling a whole lot lighter and heavier all at once. Head dipping in to nuzzle his face into Andreas neck he caught his breath. “That was… amazing” he smiled hazily. Arms were looped around his neck again, thumb tracing loving lines into his skin.

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