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New Posts Operations
Oversees security and management for the entire Nexus. Here you'll find the offices of the leaders along with security / communications workstations and also the cells.
6 58 Aug 11 2018, 02:53 PM
In: Was It Murder? (Mission 23)
By: Hallee Quintero
New Posts Pathfinder HQ
It's designed to record and celebrate the achievements of the initiative's pathfinders, while also providing space for them to relax and regroup when off-duty. Not normally open to the general populace, but the Director has permitted guided tours since Ark Hyperion's arrival.
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New Posts Docking Bay
The Tempest and other incoming ships dock here to exchange supplies, information, resources or people.
4 27 Aug 11 2018, 03:45 AM
In: Just a few questions...
By: Irissa Vasir
New Posts Vortex Lounge
The lounge is a single large room what appear to be three fair sized fermenting vats against one wall and a semi-circular bar surrounding a gigantic vat. Additionally there is a small stage and dance floor and ample tables and seating for patrons.
9 87 31 minutes ago
In: Just a Little R&R
By: James Archer
New Posts Cultural Exchange
It was created to support the Initiative's principles of peaceful exploration in the new galaxy. Given the high likelihood of contacting sentient alien life in Andromeda, the Exchange was designed to educate and inform local species about the history and intentions of the Milky Way settlers.
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New Posts Habitation Deck
Housing accommodations for residents currently living on the Nexus. Can also find Sam Node and the pathfinders quarters here.
9 137 Yesterday at 03:42 am
In: He might be your father but...
By: Apollo Peltier
New Posts Cryo Bay
The layout consists of a long stasis storage hallway, a revival room and an antechamber connecting to the tram. The Cryo Bay also doubled up as the Med Bay for sick or injured. Any on-shift doctors can be found here.
2 21 Apr 14 2018, 01:52 AM
In: I'm A Human Popsicle
By: Andrea Mastroianni
New Posts Marketplace
Littered around the Nexus are a few stalls that're are selling mods, paintjobs, armor, guns... you name it! Pick up much needed equipment and supplies here.
3 39 Aug 9 2018, 09:44 AM
In: What Do Quarians Look Like ...
By: Neeha'tes Nar Yifirn

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