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 Currency, XP, A.V.P & SP






Played by:The Council

A quick start guide to all the nifty features we've implemented into Journey to the Stars to make the forum feel more like the game it's inspired by.

Please keep in mind these features we've created are still relatively new and may change or develop into more as the site grows.

Your opinions and suggestions about this are always welcome!

Currency (Credits)
Here we use a site currency called Credits. They're automatically given when posting in certain forums explained below.

You will earn 5 Credits per post and 10 Credits for each in-character thread you create.

For now the site currency is used to purchase more character accounts. In the future we'll be implementing more purchasable content; such as profile trophies, XP multipliers, in-character items and more.

To get Credits:

    > Posting in the in-character forums
    > Posting in plotting
    > Posting in wanted ads
    > Posting open threads
    > Creating code templates

For now, experience points are a way for a member to determine their characters progression on the site. The amount of XP you can earn varies depending on the tasks. Additionally, this is also how we'll be determining a characters power / biotics / strength on site - the higher their level the stronger they'll be in comparison to lower leveled characters.

You could essentially play on the site without ever leveling your character, participating in this feature is completely optional.

To get XP:

    > Posting an introduction
    > Complete missions & events
    > Complete in-character threads
    > Creating open threads
    > Posting or taking on wanted ads
    > Taking on canons (in game characters)
    > Earning profile awards
    > Advertising our site.

To collect XP you will need to post in our claiming character XP.

Andromeda Viability Points (A.V.P.)
In short, the Nexus leveling system with A.V.P. is a way for us to visually see plot progression across the site as a whole. Level one being our beginning, the start of our journey together. As stories and plots unfold, the Nexus will also level up to show that.

Each time you collect experience points for your own character, you'll also be automatically collecting A.V.P. for the site. It's a nice way for us to show everyone's contributions, whatever you choose to do on site you'll play a key role in improving the Nexus.

To get A.V.P.:

    > Complete missions & events
    > Complete in-character threads

Our future vision is to have large scale missions and events triggered when the Nexus hits level milestones.

Skill Points (SP)
Skill points are an ingame feature we've also brought over to the site, you can view a characters skill points from their main profile.

Level 1 starts out with none but you will gain +4 points each time you level up. A PM will be sent out to the character about their additional points to spend. You will also have the ability to purchase more from the Merchants Kiosk.

There's 36 Skills for you to choose from and develop as you level up. Here's the list of them all below:

Combat Skills:

Biotic Skills: (Not available for Angara or Kett)

Tech Skills:

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As always, thank you from us here at JTTS.