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 cancel my subscription to your issues, are you a drama lama? 2/3






Played by:Mo!

Looking for drama? You've come to the right place! Jaxson's life is quite the shit show and below you will find a whole group of people tied to the craziness in some way. Any questions, ask awayy! <3 And yes, I'm excited for Black Panther ;D -leaves cookies-

Watch out for some triggers! Abuse, etc<3

The Sister

Nina Blair Letitia Wright Around 25

For a long time, Nina and her brother were close. They were almost 10 years a part, which caused, as you can imagine, some ups and downs. When Nina was first born, Jax felt a bit... replaced. Their mother treated Nina completely different, in a good way. He tried to be a positive influence in her life. Try being a key word. As she got older, the closer they became. When their father died, Nina began to drift apart from her brother, who stayed away more often than he was around.

The only attention Nina got from her mother after her father's death was bad attention. Constant verbal and physical abuse. As you can imagine, there were some adverse affects. She looked for attention elsewhere (much like her brother) and became very dependent on attention, good or bad. Once she hit her early teens, she began to get into trouble at school and getting caught doing a lot of shit she shouldn't. This was also the time Jax fell "in love." She felt abandoned by him. He left, just like everyone else. She fell deep into bad shit.

Then it got worse. Jax had gotten this girl pregnant.

Nina was furious. Yet another person to steal her brother's attention. In the end, she caused a serious rift. She was the one who found out that Jax's best friend was the father of the baby. She didn't tell him at first (why can be up to you!) and then finally divulged the information to either get back at him.. or just so he could know the truth (so many options!<3 lol). He grew so angry with her that they stopped speaking completely. Little did he know, she followed him to Andromeda. Whether on purpose or fate - that's up to you!

She has a checkered past, but deep down a sweet girl who just wants to be loved. She is similar to her brother in many ways. I would love for them to meet up and deal with all their emotional baggage 8D!

I would really love for the fc to be Letitia Wright! I am even willing to make graphics for the profile/app etc! Her name can be changed, just let me know first so I can change it in Jax's app! <3 Any other ideas? Lemme know!

Best Friend
Taken by the amazing Kaz!

Open Name Michael B. Jordan 30

The name is totally up to you! This was Jax's best friend on the Citadel. Jax moved there when he was 15, and they probably met soon after. They ran in the same circle, causing mayhem on the Citadel and being hooligans 8D I see him as being very reckless, the craziness to Jax's strange calm. They balanced each other out.

Maybe they had some serious situation where the other took the fall so the other could escape?! Anywho, in the end, this guy slept with Jax's girlfriend and got her pregnant. WHOOPS. Once Jax found out, they fought and in the end, the girl ended up losing the baby. ;.; SO yes, I definitely think they need to meet up. The drama can ensue!

His name is definitely up to you buuut I would love to keep the face! I mean, he's so smexy 8D. How he got to Andromeda would be totally up to you!


Love Interest
Taken by the lovely Aurora!

Open Open Late 20's or early 30's

I have quite a few ideas for Jax's love interest! <3 The man has been burned... a lot and does not trust easily. It takes a whole lot of time and effort to break through his shell. This could go a thousand different ways and I'm down for almost anything!

Maybe they meet on Kadara? Or it's an old gal he hung out with in the Milky Way (part of his misfit group), a fling turned serious, or someone searching for him from Cerberus. It could be a human or an alien (he has some issues with them right now :0)... but I can see them being pretty head strong and not taking his shenanigans. Like "suck it up buttercup" but can be emotional when it counts and help him learn to feel and trust again. It would be a definite slow burn and they would have to have true patience (especially with his grumpy butt).

And like always - we throw in some draaama. He's probably going to get cold feet when he feels real emotion. AND THEN he will probs freak out. Maybe cheat on her? 8D If she takes him back WELL that's totally up to you! lmao. So much drama can be had. <3

I am literally up for anything! Some ideas of faces could be... Lupita Nyong'o, Elizabeth Olsen, uhhhh whoever you want! Just let me know 8)





Relationship:Bring it on


Played by:Aurora

Dibs on the love interest ;D

I'd love to see others take on the other two wanted ads. They'd have plenty of interactions and plots with Alyssia too! Mo and I are suckers for pain, so bring on all the angst!
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