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 Update #06, 01/10/2018: Happy new year!






Played by:The Council

Update #06
Welcome to the new year!
Hey everyone! If you’re reading this it means you somehow managed to survive 2017 and also our first activity check! Huzzah!

Not to worry if you missed it though, you can get characters unarchived in our moderation thread. Just take into consideration you’ll need to repurchase character slots after the first one, just like you would when creating a new character. You can reserve up to three faces on our face claims to put them on hold while you recuperate!

For members, this means a few canons have become available: Sara Ryder, James Vega and Cardinal. It’ll be first come, first served. You’re fine to throw down a reserve on them in our face claims, your reserve will last 2 weeks so be sure to get an app up and done before the time is out.

Starting this month we’re also making some tweaks to how applications & mentors are done. Applications will be required to have 1000+ words in the freeform, rather than the original 300+. Mentors will get 100 XP for each active character they own rather, than its original 500 XP. No other changes have been made yet but they might do as we work on things. Don’t be shy to voice your suggestions, thoughts and opinions about anything and everything!

The site tag box & open threads post has been removed. Tagging people along with advertising your plotter, wanted ads and open threads can all happen in our site’s discord chat! Don’t forget your character can earn 50 XP for every open thread they create!
Welcome new staff to the team
Please give a huge congratulations to Gallant (staff acc: Oracle) & Pat (staff acc: Legion) for stepping up as our newest site mods!

They will be around to answer your questions, approve applications and help us keep on top of site maintenance. Don’t be shy to send them some love! They don’t bite very hard ;D
Site ratios and mmm pie
Here’s a handy little pie chart showing the ratios of all characters currently on site! It’d be awesome to see some more Angara hanging out on site. If you want to help us create some history, missions and all kinds of information for them please let us know!

Site updates & events
Mo has done an amazing job of updating some of the code on site. Check out Face Claim & Canons and also our Occupations to see the fancy new recoded work in action. It’s beautiful and she deserves all the love and credit for it.

We’ll continue to work on these things as well as creating new events and missions for you wonderful people! Stay tuned for some interesting plot developments happening towards the end of this month/beginning of next. We’ve spent this month conjuring up a cool plot for February which we hope you’ll enjoy!
Speaking of missions...
If you have any ideas for plots and missions you’d like to see happen on site, please don’t be shy to post them up in our submit a mission forum, located in mission logs. The first ten ideas posted are going to receive triple XP, meaning your character could get 300 XP for their contribution!

Here’s the Submission template to throw down your ideas. This template is just so we don’t need to make too many edits on our end to post it as an official site mission.

We had loads of great feedback and ideas in the previous post which we’re still going to implement on the site, keep them coming and help us progress! Seriously your ideas are such a great help to us. We’ve got plenty of our own but want this to be something we do as a community. Your thoughts are important to us and we want to hear them!
Wanted ads!
We’ve gone through and archived all ‘17 wanted ads to make way for fresh new requests. Not to worry if yours was still wanted! You can still find your original request over in our archived wanted ads subforum, we don’t delete anything! Just repost it up if you still want that spot filled.

Remember that posting a wanted ad can get your character 50 XP and claiming one of someone else's can get your new character 100 XP!
Final note
As always, thank you for being a part of this wonderful site and helping us grow. We absolutely adore your characters and plots, and want you to have just as much fun on here as we do. Life can be an asshole and sometimes makes it so that we don’t have much time to write or enjoy ourselves... but just know you’ll always be welcomed here with open arms. Take care of yourself and take those breaks when you need them. We’ll still be here ♥

Thank you for reading this word vomit, you guys are awesome! Until next time ♥
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