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 One Big Family, Ay's Family


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Played by:Aven

So, here's the deal. Ay has a family, a sister, a wife, and two daughters. All of them joined her in coming to Andromeda. I'm just going to go down the line and list them all.

Zeyr Kyalas is her sister, she's one hundred and fifty-four years old. Her PB, job, everything is fairly open. Their father was a drell, and an assassin at one point in time. Their mother was also a commando at one time. I imagine the two sisters have a good relationship, Zeyr came over on the asari ark.

Reserved: Falyxane Helijah is Ay's oldest daughter, she is fifty years old. Her father was a female salarian who died before she was born. Though, Ay always kept vids and pictures and stories on hand to tell Falyxane anything about her father she wanted to know. I imagine mother and daughter have a good relationship, her PB and job are open.

Gabriela Jin is Ay's wife, or mate, depending on species. They have been very close for all of Gabriela's life, she is thirty-six years old and the father of Ay's youngest daughter. Her job is open, but I'd like to see her PB be Elodie Yung, we can talk about this, but I rather like her. She came over on the human ark with her and Ay's daughter and has yet to meet up with Ay.

And finally, we have Jin'lishi Kyalas. This is Ay and Gabriela's daughter and Ay's youngest daughter. She's only eighteen years old and was born shortly after Gabriela and Ay started their relationship. She came with her parents to Andromeda but came over with Gabriela on the human ark, she has yet to see Ay since arriving in Andromeda. Her job, if any, is open as is her PB.

Welp, that's it! I would have used a template, but with so many PBs left open, I decided this was best. Let me know if anyone is interested!
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