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Site Rules
We want you to have the very best roleplaying experience while on our site. To do that though, please have a read of our site rules to ensure everyone has the same understanding on what can and cannot be done.

If you need anything clarified or expanded, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Be respectful of other members
We’re all here for our love of sci-fi and Mass Effect, so please try to keep drama and angst strictly to character plots. We don’t expect you to like playing with everyone, but be smart about it.

Come and talk to staff if you need to. We want everyone to have a good time. Keep in mind this is a hobby for us all, staff included.

Registering an account
Both canon and original characters are allowed. Before registering please check claims to see who's available. An OOC account is not needed, we only use character accounts. When registering please use correct capitalization: eg. Scott Ryder.

We don’t allow characters under the age of sixteen, or anything of a sexual nature (smut) for characters under the age of eighteen. We have no restrictions on genders or species.

Face Claims
We accept IRL celebrities, Mass Effect game characters, and artwork for face claims. Any art used should be credited in the character's main profile and kept up to date.

You can also create characters from the original Mass Effect trilogy, though you'll need to get creative when you explain why they joined the Initiative.

The only character we have banned from being playable is Shepard. Everyone else is good to go. If you do play someone who knew Shepard, please try to be ambiguous about the commander. Officially on site they have no set gender or background so please don't canonize one.

No word count
Write whatever length feels the most natural to you. Also try to be understanding that others may write consistently more, or less, than you do.

To join we do expect the application to have enough information for us to understand your characters personality, history or motives. Around 1000+ words will be acceptable.

Creating Multiple Characters
Starting out, new members will have one character slot. After your first character, you'll need to use credits which you'll automatically gain during in-character roleplaying if you want to create more characters.

Alternatively, if you'd like to archive a character you can do so via our moderation thread.

Canon Characters
Game series characters are available to play or NPC into a thread if they’re not being played by someone. If they do show up, please respect how a player represents them. The canon occupations are also available for original characters to fulfil, just as long as they give an explanation as to why they've taken over the role.

For example, Director Tann could be NPC'd into threads or his role could be taken over with an original character. We won’t be following the game exactly as it is anyway, so it gives you plenty of freedom to create and play your own way.

Recurring NPC's will be frequently mentioned in the Heleus News Service updates. You are free to include both canon and original NPC's into your threads, plots and applications. They are a great way to provide support or present conflict to move your characters development and story along. NPCs should not overshadow player's characters in any given thread.

SAM will be available as a playable NPC to all who have the implant or are aboard Nexus ships. During the game, only the main pathfinder had a deeper connection with SAM which gave them a private channel and melded SAM permanently into their mind (allowing them to stop and start the heart if needed). However on site, anyone who has SAM will have this opportunity. SAM is a fully sentient AI who works with whoever has his implant. Its a symbiotic relationship and SAM learns what it means to be organic through you.

Mature content is allowed

Journey to the Stars is rated as 3-3-3 on the RPG-Rating system. Anything you would consider to be mature content, please tag as [M] or [TW] in the thread title. This also includes any mature content on applications.

If you’re unsure, tag it anyway as a precaution.

Roleplay etiquette
We have a leveling system in place, meaning your character will start as level 1 and will progress as they get more involved in the site. Higher leveled characters will be considered more powerful. Characters can be leveled by obtaining experience points, learn more about this in our thread: Currency, XP, A.V.P. & SP

Try to give your character a personal mission of their own and some flaws for them to overcome. Give them quirks, hobbies, pet peeves. Make them as realistic as you can so that they're interesting to play with.

God-modding another character is only acceptable if the other person has agreed to it, but don’t assume, always ask first.

Stay active with your characters
Let us know in our absence subforum if you plan to be away for a while. We expect characters to be posting at least once a month. Try not to take on more than you can handle. We’ll contact you if we have any concerns regarding this.

There's no activity checks in place, but once we get past the 3 month mark in October we'll be implementing an interest check. Basically just for characters that still want to stick around to post in and let us know they're alive. No post proofs required or anything like that. This is a relaxed site!

Site avatars are 250x400. The square image is 150x150 and the one hidden in the profile is 200x150 - but any size can be used as it will resize them for you. Please credit any artwork used in your accounts profile.
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