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 Update #07, 03/25/2018: new guidebook!






Played by:The Council

Update #07
Site overhaul is underway!
Hey everyone! Thank you for sticking around and reading all this junk I post. I can't tell you how much I appreciate it.

The site it getting a much needed overhaul in some areas. Admins are working hard to update site code and make your experience here all the more enjoyable.

I really want to give a huge shout out to the mods for being so damn amazing at forum maintenance. It has allowed us admins the time to focus on the bigger projects. Without those guys, apps wouldn't be approved in a timely manner, and your characters wouldn't be getting leveled up. I can't thank them enough for their contributions into making this site what it is.

Now, onto the goodies!

Guidebook Overhaul
This has been the biggest project posted for this year thus far. All the information spread out across the site has been condensed into one handy location. Everything you need to know to get started on JTTS will be posted here.

Check out the sexy new guidebook!

It contains: site plot, timeline, joining the site, canon missions, your staff, an FAQ, site rules, playable species, then info on credits/leveling/skill points/AVP/merchants kiosk and factions.

It'll be a main reference point for all new and old members alike. If you see any problems please let us know.

Occupations claim upgrade
A new tab was added to include factions on the occupations claim. An upcoming feature which is still in the works. For the time being though, you can add your characters faction with no requirements needed.

Click here to check out the occupations claim.

Factions (WIP)
I'll just copy/paste what we wrote about it in the guidebook:

Another new feature currently being heavily developed. Our aim is to provide another element to collaborative roleplay through the form of factions. Teams can go head to head in special events to earn special roles and titles. Every member in your team will be a key player to contributing more resources to your faction.

This will be a solid team effort to maintain a faction, so if anyone important in a faction goes inactive it won't be detrimental to the factions progress.

This feature isn't finished yet, but in the meantime you are welcome to create a faction and add them to the occupations claim (no requirements needed to do so). Feel free to post up a wanted ad looking for new faction members and share the link in our discord chat.

Planetary Guide (WIP)
There is a Planetary Guide in production which will lay out the pricing of planets in a more segmented fashion. This will mean while completely habitable planets will still be high priced, they will be achievable through team effort.

We'll make an announcement when this becomes available, keep an eye out!

April Activity Check & wanteds cleanup
Yep its that time of year again. Start of next month we'll be posting an activity check to see who's still with us. No in-character post requirements needed but you will need to list the characters you plan to keep in the activity check thread once it appears. You'll get a site PM and a discord mention so this shouldn't be a surprise for anyone.

We'll also be cleaning up the Wanted Ads again. Be sure to 'bump' your wanted ads by replying in the thread to keep them. Any from Jan & Feb which don't have any recent replies will be archived. Thank you!

April Fools site skin
So I actually wanted to surprise you guys on april fools with this ridiculous Ryder skin, but I was an idiot and broke the site as usual so some of you saw it early. Guess now that the cats out of the bag it'll be set as everyones skin for the next week... happy early april fools?

You can change back to default in the site settings by clicking here and selecting "(default) spacelife". Thank you for being a good sport about this silly skin!

Site ratios and mmm pie
Here’s a handy little pie chart showing the ratios of all characters currently on site! It’d be awesome to see some more non-human characters hanging out on site. I'm pretty proud of the numbers so far though, way higher than I ever expected it would be!

Final note
As always, thank you for being a part of this wonderful site and helping us grow. We absolutely adore your characters and plots, and want you to have just as much fun on here as we do. Life can be an asshole and sometimes makes it so that we don’t have much time to write or enjoy ourselves... but just know you’ll always be welcomed here with open arms. Take care of yourself and take those breaks when you need them. We’ll still be here ♥

Thank you for reading this word vomit, you guys are awesome! Until next time ♥
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As always, thank you from us here at JTTS.