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 Update #08, 07/1/2018: happy bithrday jtts!






Played by:The Council

Happy Birthday JTTS!

When we first made the site we had a vision in mind; to make a place which was relaxed pace and to keep it fun to be around. A year later and that still very much stands. To those who are still with us and the staff who help keep things running smoothly, we want to thank you for being with us on this awesome ride. You are what make this site so special and make others feel welcomed. You have made this place your home and for that we want to thank you. The community is the best part of roleplaying.

In honor of JTTS’s 1st birthday, we have a crazy amount of events happening all at once! Scroll through the tabs on the sidebar of this post to get a sneak peek of each. You are not required to participate in any, but you can also have absolutely no chill and participate in all of them! Some events have time limits while a few others are plot prompts which you can play at anytime. Have fun and we love you!

Here’s to another year. Long live JTTS!

Activity Check
The AC check has officially ended!
Save your characters!

It’s that time of the year again where we want all members to check in and let us know if they still want to keep their characters on site. This is mandatory so it’s recommended that you post as soon as you read this, saves putting it off and forgetting about it. You have until July 10th to save your peeps.

There’s no in-character posts required to save your characters. Simply click the link above and post on the thread with your characters names. If you have a WIP character not yet approved, also include them in your post.

Any that don’t post will be archived, but fear not! We don’t delete anything and have no intentions to. Their content will simply be moved to the archives forum where they’re stored for safekeeping should you ever want to pick them back up again.

There’s a moderation link in the member services forum which you can use to unarchive your peeps. Any after the first character will need their character account slots rebrought in the merchant's kiosk, as you would to create any new character after your first.


Click to participate!

Ready for some BINGO? <3 For this event, you will go to the link above and comment that you're interested in playing! This event will be based on ooc. So each member gets one bingo board and are able to use all their characters! <3

To accomplish the board, you have to complete 5 tasks "in a row" - just like in bingo! Horizontal, Diagonal, Vertical. Each board will be a different mix of the same 25 tasks. Don't feel pressured to accomplish all of them!

Everyone who accomplishes a board will receive a reward! Many of the boards include other anniversary events as well.

Caption Contest

Click to participate!

You get to put those amazing minds of yours to work! We've compiled many images and gifs that are in need of your captions! They can be serious or funny - it's totally up to you. You are able to complete as many captions as you like.

After a few weeks we will close the caption portion. You will then get to vote on which caption best fits the image! Whoever wins gets a reward... but so does anyone who captions in general. :] Participating in this event also counts towards one of your bingo board squares!


Click to participate!

Our third ever OTMs are here! You get to vote for best human characters, non-human characters, threads and a whole bunch of fluff! As always, there is XP and credits for voting :]

Rapid Fire

Click to participate!

With all these amazing events going on, it only seemed logical to throw in another rapidfire event to top it all off. Same as previous rapidfires, the more you write the more points you can accumulate per post. Any posts you do from July 1st will count towards this, meaning event posts or otherwise will totally count so long as they’re in-character!

What are you waiting for? Get those dangly things you call fingers moving!


Click to participate!

Moving day for the angaran! They’re pulling out quite the stops to say goodbye the current residents of Aya and welcome in the new ones. Every 5 years they do a sort of lottery to allow everyone a fair chance at living on Aya. As part of the invitation, the angara have tried to include some more close to home festivities to make the outsiders feel more than welcomed.

Not everyone agrees though. Some angara feel like this is too similar to the kett and want the other species out. Some disruptions will be taking place, will you find the hidden bomb or be there to help the devastation it’ll bring?

Just like Nexus and Eos, you are able to rp this through discord ICC! Sign up using the above link so we know you’re participating!


Elaaden is abuzz with news from Nakmor Morda on New Tuchanka. For the first time since they’ve established the krogan colony, they are opening the city doors to visitors. This is not a hoax. For the past two years since they established their colony, the Krogan have proudly stood on their own. They expect no assistance from the Initiative to support themselves and this upcoming celebration is to show off everything they’ve built towards. Maybe the Initiative could learn a thing or two from them. They are not the enemy, and this show of sportsmanship by allowing outsiders to participate is their way of hospitality.

Champions of the Arena
The krogans want a new champion, and a little bloodlust never did anyone any harm. The concept is simple; sign up and fight your way to the top. Losing a battle will not stop you from fighting again and earning that champion title. As long as you’re capable and willing to get back into the arena, the title is yours for the taking. For your character to become the champion, they will need to complete as many fight threads with others as they can over the next month. Doesn’t matter if they win or lose them, completing them is what counts. To challenge you, there is a 250 word count limit on every post. Be fast, be sharp, and make every word count!

Click to participate!

Champion Riders of the Sands
Not only will the krogans be looking for a champion within the city limits but they’ll also be looking for a champion which can survive the tough terrains of Elaaden. The local residents have known about this event and have been preparing for months, outsiders might be getting more than they bargained for if they participate. This will be in teams of two, though lone riders are always welcome too. Owning a nomad is the only requirement to participate. Imagine if wacky races, mad max, and mario kart were mashed together into one epic race. You will face challenges to overcome and your opponents will be holding no punches. A lot of vehicles will be destroyed along the way. Let’s just hope one of them isn't yours.

Click to participate!

A Prosperous City
With so much going on, the Krogan have set up lots of market stalls all around the city for residents and outsiders alike to set up shop. Anything and everything can be found here. Parts to improve your nomad, better armor or equipment for the arena, local delicacies and even some shipped in items which outsiders might be able to stomach a little better. Ain’t no party like a Krogan party. Colorful powder bombs are being set off all around the city and almost everyone is wearing a solid color to support those participating in events. There’s no time limit on this, feel free to roleplay the city celebrations anytime. Krogan parties are known to run for weeks, even once the other events have long ended.

Click to participate!

Who is up for a space barbecue?! Eos has come far in a short amount of time, and feel it's time to celebrate even the smallest of accomplishments. Heleus can't bring us down! They've decided to have their own celebration in the heat and take some time to slow down and relax. Take a few days to appreciate life and the tides changing in their favor.

There will be drinking (of course), small parties throughout Eos and a few Milky Way traditions to participate in! You can participate in a game of football (soccer), food, dancing, or even a giant hybrid game of lazer tag/paintball! Some old models have been modded out to 'stun' and although it may hurt, you'll be just fine!

Just be careful... there is a loud sound in the distance. Someone or something may be on their way to disrupt the party!

This event can be threaded out in the forum or in its fancy discord channel as icc! XP and credits will be given out for anyone who participates!


Click to participate!

Heart of the Jungle

Strange things are happening on Havarl, a rapid increase in the number of Roekaar coming to the planet are making the native Angaran Scientists nervous, they've asked for increased protection from the Initiative so that they can defend themselves while studying the many Remnant Ruins that cover the surface of the planet as well as studying the jungle.

With more Roekaar showing up each day the Angaran's are getting more and more jumpy, their nervousness spreading to even the Initiative based Scientists who are volunteering their time there. It all comes to a headway when a broken garbled message is received from the Angaran Science Station, it's up to the Initiative and other volunteers to figure out what is happening on Havarl and why the Roekaar are gathering there.


Click to Participate!

Kadara has always attracted the less than stellar individual, but it's quickly becoming more and more dangerous. Sloane's absence since the viral attack on the Nexus has allowed for unrest within the port. Factions are fighting for control and everything is in complete and total chaos. Residents are taking advantage of this lull in power and confusion to act on their deepest and darkest desires. The body count is climbing every day and there is no sign of it slowing down anytime soon. Word is some individuals have traveled to the port just to settle a score...

For this lovely event, you get to experience Kadara's very first purge! No one has enough power to keep the masses in check. Sloane is off planet, and everything is in total uproar. You get to sign up as a murderer, a victim (purge the character your looking to archive!), or a criminal. There's something for everyone ;] You will be randomly assigned a crime or death - but that's it! The rest of the thread is up to you.

For example, if you sign up as a victim, you will be given a death and your character must die in this way... somehow. If you sign up as a murderer, you will be given a 'murder' weapon and you can kill a NPC or work with another member to take out theirs. <3 Lastly if you sign up to be a criminal, you will be given a crime that doesn't involve killing someone else. But it could be a close call.

Get creative and have fun!


Click to participate!

The council is trying its best to recover from the recent viral attack and are attempting to look strong in the face of adversity. How? They plan to put the work of their Nexus scientists on display for everyone to see. Nexus scientists have been working double time trying to make sense of this new galaxy and have worthwhile for the council to show off. They have currently narrowed their focus to the aquatic life of the worlds around them. This has prompted the building of an aquarium and interactive board detailing the many species from the Milky Way.

Trying to prove their strength, the council has invited travelers to bring their own species to add to the collection. This has some residents on edge which has spurred protests throughout the Nexus. Some are calling for the council to step down, others are demanding an election for new council members. There are peaceful protests, while some are getting out of hand.

Good luck navigating! Hopefully no one tries to take out Tann...

Just like Aya and Eos, you are able to rp this through ICC!


Click to participate!

Jaws of Winter

Now more bold than ever, the Kett are giving the Angaran and initiative scientists difficulties on the frigid planet of Voeld. Some killed, and some of them likely taken away to facilities unknown. The Angaran resistance are growing uneasy with the increasing frequency of these attacks and the messages left by someone who refers to themselves as The Inquisitor. Slowly dwindling resources means that any meaningful counterattack against these new forces is difficult.

Things were seeming dire until an unknown third party that have left a few Kett outposts decimated with brutal efficiency. In the last scene a small series of coordinates were left detailing that there are a few outposts that hold vital information to Kett operations on the planet and even a few off planet. It is up to the Initiative, and any of those that hold interest to retrieve this information to further protect their Voeld assets and potentially assure further prosperity.

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