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Played by:The Council

Interested in joining?
Please take your time to read over site information. Our suggested reading order is plot (includes our handy timeline), rules, species, history of the nexus uprising, history of the quarian ark then finally the currency, xp, a.v.p. & sp

From here, if you're still unsure of anything we have a faq where you can also post any questions you may have.

Creating a character
> Please register with your characters name using regular case, for example "Scott Ryder". Registered names will vary depending on species. For example, the krogan have their clan name at the beginning "Nakmor Kesh", and kett use just first name basis like "Cardinal". We don't use OOC accounts here!

> Have a read over the application format and post your application in this area. Once it's completed, post a reply in your application to let us know. Can also tell us in the cbox or tagbox.

> Posting up claims while the applications is a WIP will automatically reserve that character for you. The application will not be accepted until all claims are done. Reservations will last 2 weeks.

> Once the application is approved, go and post up a shipper for your character to start plotting. Nobody is opposed to having ideas thrown into their plotter for character interaction and this is the easiest way to get plots going. We do have a shipper & reply template but it's optional to use, can find another one if you prefer!

Things to know
> The biggest plot change we've made is the Nexus has been in Andromeda for 4 years before the Hyperion Ark, rather than the games 14 months. We also introduced the Quarian Ark to the site before any of the others due to high demand.

> Once your application is accepted, you should also be automatically given a member subforum in development. If it hasn't appeared, let the staff know!

> We have a buddy system in place so you'll have a key member around to help you get established on site. Don't be shy to ask any questions or request some help!

> You will automatically earn credits by plotting, posting wanted ads and posting/threading in-character. Use these to get more character accounts or purchase your character their own ship to command or pet to sometimes roleplay with.

> To collect XP to level up your character you will need to post in our claiming character XP. You can earn experience by completing missions, in-character threads and advertising for us. This is all completely optional and should not hinder your roleplaying should you decide not to participate. Any completed threads you do will earn you XP.

> The JTTS universe is constantly growing, which means members are encouraged to help build on top of it with original lores and ideas. You can check out what we've already added -or contribute yourself- in our headcanon directory and world building.

Site culture
Our vision is to be a relaxed site where characters progress and develop at their own pace. We believe you get out of roleplay whatever you put into it. So stuff like putting time and thought into creating a relatable character will make them more interesting, posting in plotters will make others want to plot with you more, throwing out a couple of open threads will set the bait for others to bite and so on.

The site as a whole will be more receptive to new members who make an effort to socialize, build connections, and basically show they are intending to stick around. Often in roleplay, people create characters but disappear soon after. It's natural for anyone to be wary of this, so showing genuine interest will bring that interest back around to you. We'll also do our best to make you feel welcomed and included here.

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As always, thank you from us here at JTTS.